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My Moment at Camp East – by Kristen Schier (Philly)

I remember laying on the floating dock out in the middle of a beautiful lake that was on the camp grounds. The weather was PERFECT. We had some down time between classes. I could hear the voices of people enjoying the lake all around me as I closed my eyes. I was listening to a converstion about the start of new improv theater in Omaha Nebraska. OMAHA NEBRASKA! I could feel the sun warming me. I could hear laughter and splashing. People being funny, friendly and playful. It sounded more like a family reunion than a group of strangers who had just met each other less than a day ago. A dog having a great time playing fetch in the water.

To the outside eye I am sure it looked like I was fast asleep, but internally I was buzzing and, well, just soooo darn happy. It’s embarrassing but you know how if you relax, like, really relax, you cry? Just me? Well I did. I cried quietly to myself. I let my face soften as tears of joy come without judgement.

I was so happy to be RIGHT WHERE I WAS in that moment. It was a moment where I reminded myself that joy is possible, you just might need to be very still to find it. I mean if someone can open a successful theater in Omaha Nebraska you can find your joy. Improv makes me happy and I am ok with that.

To me Camp was not just learning about the art of improvisation from the best of the best (I could go on) alongside people from all over the country. OMAHA NEBRASKA! To me the great gift of Camp is that moment you get to have where your worries, fears, struggles are silenced. They fade into the background like the faint buzz of a dragon fly on a still lake. Present instead is joy, openness, laughter and a rare harmony between ones inner and outer space.

Maybe some tears too. They will be the good ones though.