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How Improv Camp Helped Me Get My Groove Back! By Kevin Brown

How Improv Camp Helped Me Get My Groove Back

My improv journey with camp was a fantastic experience. I started improv in College and as the years progressed, it became a part of my life. I loved every second of it, but as the years piled on, it seemed more like a chore than fun. Then, last summer, I stopped doing improv for “reasons”. Reasons like work, life, being too busy and honestly, feeling used and burnt out.

While I really needed the break, I also missed improv. So I took a chance and signed up for Camp Improv Utopia. I frankly didn’t know what to expect. As camp came closer and closer, I became more and more afraid. I hadn’t done anything involving improv for a year. I was nervous and scared. I was afraid that I would be “too rusty” and be a hindrance in workshops. On top of that, I can also be a very shy and awkward person when around people I don’t know.

But, like most fears, they were unfounded.

I had a wonderful time, both in and outside of the workshops. The camp environment made it easier to be myself and allow myself to be vulnerable. Both Nick Armstrong and John Abbott, who run the camp, are both approachable and friendly people, that care about camp and improv. I think one of the best thing about camp is not only the quality of the instructors, but getting to know them as people. The instructors stay at the camp with you, and eat with you and socialize with campers, too. For me though, the real stars of Camp are the other campers. It didn’t matter if they were from San Diego, Boston, or Detroit, everyone was welcoming and fun to be around. It was a blast to sit around a fire pit and talk shop with so many different and diverse people. I wasn’t shy around them because I knew these people. They were like me. Improvisers often get asked, “Why do you do improv?” and we all have different answers. I know my answer, I do it for the improv community. At this camp, I discovered a group of people that care about improv as much as I do, and that is priceless.

I’m looking forward to the years ahead. I’m going to go different theaters around the country and playing in different festivals. But what I look forward to the most, is seeing my new friends in their hometowns, in their theaters and in their festivals.

To sum this up, that weekend, I rediscovered my love for improv, reignited my passion for it, and can’t wait to get started again. Thank you so much to every person that I met, even for a second, because it changed my life.

Everyone stay safe, and I will see you all sooner than later.