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Camp Nights! What are these? How do I get involved?

Camp Nights have been happening for a while. They started in LA a few years ago and have expanded to San Francisco, Denver, Detroit and Pittsburgh with more in the works. These nights are meant to be indie improv nights to allow campers and any improvisor to hone their skills and have a community night to celebrate our artform.

Camp Nights are run by fellow campers and are sponsored by Camp Improv Utopia. Each camper runs their nights based on their community needs. Think of them like Star Wars fan films. HA! Most camp nights are free and only take donations. To help this along, CIU has launched a page on our website dedicated to Camp Night and a FB Fan page to help spread the word. Camp has always been a place that lives outside the walls of our grounds. Our mission with Camp Nights is to make sure all theaters and improvisors are involved. Camp is not affiliated with any particular theater we are all of you and love to rotate theaters if possible.

So how do you get involved? To find a city near you that is running a camp night click HERE. Remember, this is not just for campers. If you’re traveling into town or live in that¬†town and want to have some fun and do a show you can submit. E-mails of the showrunners are on the website. If you’re a camper and want to start one you can e-mail me at nick@improvutopia.com and I can get you in touch with the other camp night showrunners and they can give you some great advice to start.

Here’s to Camp Nights! To LIKE our Facebook page click HERE.

Nick Armstrong

Founder/Camp Director

Camp Improv Utopia