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Say Day is Today! Pass on your Appreciation!

So what is Say Day (#sayday)? Named after the late Jason Chin from iO Chicago, after he passed, TJ Jagadowski started a movement in his name to say how much you appreciate the people you love. I think it’s a wonderful way to celebrate one of our fellow comrades. So in the spirit of improv, Jason Chin and Say Day here is my appreciation to you:

To my Campers,

Thank you for saving my life. I can say the last few years have not been easy for me. I’ve gone through some very personal tragedies and loss. Loss of love and family. It has hurt. But camp is something I look forward to every year because of all your awesome and positive unconditional love. When I started this it was a silly camp with archery and improv, you’ve made it much more. An idea, a feeling, a place we call home every few times a year. A true Improv Utopia. You made it live up to its name and in the process you’ve helped me begin to heal my wounds. Your e-mails, your reunions at festivals, your social media posts, pictures, your invitations to your communities have all touched me more then you know.

Also, thank you campers for being there for your communities and beyond. There is not that many festivals and theaters these days that don’t have some sort of camper influence. I see campers volunteering and running festivals and theaters all the time now. I appreciate your efforts to make our artform a true reality and spread our message of positivity and yes and. Don’t you wish the world worked like that? Well someday it will. I truly believe the influence we have and the growth of our community will grow into something bigger and spread far beyond our stages and camps in the future. The work we are doing now will live on in the next improv generations.

Thank you for being great human beings. And as I say at the conclusion of every camp. Take what you’ve learned, spread it to the masses and work together.

And in the spirit of Say Day #sayday, say something in appreciation to those you love.

Love you all!