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My Cup Runneth Over!

Another West Camp breezed by like a flash from Mike McFarland’s camera. It seems it gets faster every year. I sometimes wish time could slow down every camp weekend. This year marked the 7th CIU West and boy it was amazing and refreshing. I’ve been out of sorts as of late and haven’t felt like myself. I don’t need to go into details about it, but let’s just say I feel like I’ve been living in an alternate 1985 (Back to the Future 2 reference) for a few years now. HA! I created camp as an idea to help the improv community advance, connect and experience human interaction in a world of technology. To bring the summer camp fun vibe of my youth and bring it to adults. Sort of our Neverland.

Summer camp brings a unique canvas to human nature. At summer camp, you’re vulnerable, nervous, and sometimes out of your comfort zone. Something that is hard to confront. We usually just ignore it and find places to go that don’t challenge us. We face these things at camp. We don’t ignore them and pretend everything is perfect. We have to live them, experience, confront them and beat them. You guys do this every year and it’s humbling. I see this in every camper. On the first day you’re nervous, tentative, and unsure but by the end of the weekend you’re stronger and confident. It’s an amazing transformation. You let yourself be vulnerable and I’m so thankful you take this chance, this adventure with us. This is how we become better humans, artists and improvisors.

Camp has done that for me. But not just camp alone, it’s all of my campers, yes all of you. You guys show me that the world isn’t so bad. That inspiration still exists, that art is one of the most powerful things in a world where it is shunned everyday or cut from schools. You prove to me that human interaction is very much alive and that love is still powerful. You have taught me humility. You teach me to be a better person, to fight the good fight. You teach me compassion.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this little thing we call Camp Improv Utopia. When we named it, who would’ve known it would live up to it and beyond. And it’s all because you decided to be vulnerable. Thank you!

Looking forward to East, Yosemite and Ireland! See you all soon.

Nick Armstrong

Founder/Camp Director

Camp Improv Utopia