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Yosemite Camp

A Camper Experience: Cam Rau – Yosemite Camp 2018

For over eighteen months I heard Eric reminisce and recall each and every improv experience from his course work at Unscrewed Theater in Tucson.  Our Friday and Saturday nights would be planted in the audience soaking up inspiration for him.  All the while, he kept insisting that I should take classes and join him on…

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Just What I Needed – By Alex Lee

Photo by Ryan Smith Camp Improv Utopia East was such an amazing experience last year that I couldn’t wait to come back. I met some wonderful people, took workshops with great teachers, and kayaked around Trout Lake. One year later, I was dreading my return. I was about to be surrounded by much more experienced…

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New Registration Process

Hey Future and Former Campers! We are always trying to find better ways to make it easier for you to register for camp and we have found it. Camp Improv Utopia has partnered with Camp Network to run our registration from here on out. What does this mean for you? Easier payment process and registration…

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First Time Improvisor! By Christen Cook Seattle, WA

In an effort to become a more interesting person, I started trying to say yes to all the wonderful opportunities life presents me. So when my old friend Stuart suggested meeting up in Yosemite I said, “Ok, sure!” and he proclaimed, ”YES! AND…by the way, you’ll be doing improv camp with me!” Wait, what?! I…

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