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Improv Utopia is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization. Our mission is to help grow, unite and support the community we love so much. A donation from you to Improv Utopia goes back into the improv community monetary, scholarship and educational support. We've donated thousands of dollars back into the improv community. Help us grow the art of improvisation and improv causes today! *DONATION FORM DOWN AT THE BOTTOM

Improv Scholarships

We donate to improv theaters all over the world to help award improvisors scholarships who are in need of support, diverse talent and more.  

Festival Support

IU helps build and support improv festivals around the world to help them grow and in turn support their communities and improvisors. Some festivals we've helped in the past are: The Pittsburgh Comedy Festival, San Francisco Improv Festival, San Diego Improv Festival, Hartford Improv Festival, Detroit Improv Festival and so many more.


Theater Support

We have donated a lot to help improv theaters across the world. From educational support to building support. We've helped build stages and helped lend professional support as well. If you're a theater looking for help contact us today.

Improv Related Fundraisers

We also donate spots to our camps to festivals and theaters to help raise funds for their causes. Inquire today!

We have also donated to causes that are improv related like the The Detroit Creativity Project. The DCP gives improv and arts to those who do not have access to it. 


Camp Partnerships

Camp Improv Utopia supports many improv companies and improv endeavors around the world. Here are some of the organizations that we have supported in the past and continue to support.

Camp YES





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