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Improv Utopia is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization. Our mission is to help grow, unite and support the community we love so much. A donation from you to Improv Utopia goes back into the improv communities. We've donated thousands of dollars back into non-profit organizations and are continuing to offer & support scholarship opportunities to our events. Help us grow the art of improvisation, opportunities for under represented artists and improv causes today!

We also offer sponsorships for businesses who would love to align with Improv Utopia. This information is below.

100% of your donation is tax-deductable

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  1. Want to get your product in front of people? We’ll take it and make it available to all of the campers that come to our retreats. We can even offer your product before or after depending on the amount you want to give.

Contact nick@improvutopia.com for more information.

Why Should I Sponsor You?
Improv Utopia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit retreat that raises money for other artistic opportunities and to make our industry even better. We have supported such organizations as Camp Yes And which helps verbal autistic teens learn improv and become better at communicating. The Detroit Creativity Project which brings art to underserved areas. Our retreats unite comedians from all over the world. Think of comedy theaters as planets, Improv Utopia is the Sun. We help everyone that needs it. Also, it is a goal of ours to help educate and spread more diversity in our field. We will also use it to give more scholarships to those who need it. We can also do more outreach and hire more staff to help us accomplish our goals. Your donation is completely tax deductible.

Bunk Bed Level Sponsorship:

  1. Price: $200
  2. At this level, we’ll post your company’s logo or anything that represents you on our website.
  3. Your company will be mentioned on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as a sponsor of our retreat.
  4. You can choose what camp you want to sponsor – East, West, Yosemite or our international retreat.

Cabin Level Sponsor:

  1. Price $500
  2. You can choose what camp you want to sponsor – East, West, Yosemite or our international retreat.
  3. You will receive all the benefits of the Bunk Bed Level in addition you will receive:
    1. Release your logo, website and information on our newsletter that reaches our current
      and former guests.

Lodge Level Sponsor:

*Only two available at this level.

  1. Price: $1,000
  2. This will be for all camps
  3. You will receive all the benefits of the above levels but in addition you’ll also receive:
    1. A table to set up during our break and mealtimes to present to guests.
    2. We will give out your marketing materials to every guest. Via our newsletter, or during
      camp, we are flexible on this so we can chat to see what your needs are
    3. SWAG BAG: A free hoodie, Shirt, and camp hat

Yes And Partner Sponsorship:

*Only one available at this level.

  1. Price: $3,000
  2. You will receive all the benefits of all previous levels but in addition you’ll also receive:
    1. We will put on all marketing materials “Your company presents: Improv Utopia
    2. We will put this all over our marketing materials and post it up at our retreats as well.
    3. 1 spot to one of our camps in the United States. If attending our Yosemite retreat you can get a VIP private cabin rooms.
    4. Two 90 minute online workshops or in-person, if they live driving distance, from a master instructor. Up to 12 guests.
    5. SWAG BAG: A free hoodie, Shirt, camp hat

Contact nick@improvutopia.com for more information.

Your donations help support:

Improv Scholarships

We donate to improv theaters all over the world to help award improvisors scholarships who are in need of support, diverse talent and more.

Festival Support

IU helps build and support improv festivals around the world to help them grow and in turn support their communities and improvisors. Some festivals we've helped in the past are: The Pittsburgh Comedy Festival, San Francisco Improv Festival, San Diego Improv Festival, Hartford Improv Festival, Detroit Improv Festival and so many more.


Theater Support

We have donated a lot to help improv theaters across the world. From educational support to building support. We've helped build stages and helped lend professional support as well. If you're a theater looking for help contact us today.

Improv Related Fundraisers

We also donate spots to our camps to festivals and theaters to help raise funds for their causes. Inquire today!

We have also donated to causes that are improv related like the The Detroit Creativity Project. The DCP gives improv and arts to those who do not have access to it. 


Camp Partnerships

Camp Improv Utopia supports many improv companies and improv endeavors around the world. Here are some of the organizations that we have supported in the past and continue to support.

Camp YES