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September 1 - 4, 2023 (Labor Day Weekend)



Stroudsburg, PA at Camp Trout Lake

Our annual camp is a 3 night retreat for adults 18 and over and takes place at Trout Lake Retreats, hidden away in the beautiful Pocono Mountains near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Improvisers from all over the world come together and learn improv from nationally renowned teachers. This three-night camping experience includes improv workshops from top instructors, camp activities like archery, lake swimming and kayaking. Your accommodations are great too with cabin camping with private showers and bathrooms, all your meals and much more. Camp is a relaxed environment to learn while experiencing camaraderie, community and nature.

Registration NOW OPEN!

  • $675 Registration Price - Tuition is All-Inclusive! Includes food, lodging, education and more...
  • $690 Payment Plan Available - 2 Pay Plan
    • ($300 USD first payment the rest in 30 days.) *Payment Plan available up to 30 days before camp.

There is a one time non-refundable Camp Network fee of $3.99 and processing fees equal to 3.95 % + $0.30 added to your tuition.

*COVID-19 Update: Improv Utopia will follow all CDC, State and City COVID19 Guidelines and will update campers of any changes or restrictions that will be enforced during the time of camp. Vaccines are required at camp. 


  • Workshops: 10 hours of workshops from master improv teachers! Performances: Improv jams and shows with your cabinmates!
  • Camp Activities: Archery, kayaking, swimming, campfires, volleyball, basketball and so much more!
  • Lodging: Shared cabins with private bathrooms, showers and electricity.
  • Food: All meals are included and prepared by professional kitchen staff. Special dietary and allergy-friendly meals are available, too!
  • Community: Meet improvisors from all over the world... community and camaraderie in nature!
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Announced so far...

Workshop: Ultimate Peas in a Pod
with Tia Kemp



It takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it outta sight.” – Rob Base and D.J. EZ Rock.

This workshop will be a deep dive into "Peas in a Pod" work. Learn how to let go, mirror, and absorb details to create a dynamic pair of characters. With the partners you meet in this workshop, we will focus on leaning into trust and having fun with the unknown together. Develop your confidence and gain tools to engage in scenework as the ultimate “yes and” duo!

All improv levels are welcome.

About Tia

Tia Kemp is a performer and improv instructor based in Philly. She began studying improv in 2013 at Unexpected Productions in Seattle, and has completed several intensive trainings at The Second City in Chicago. After moving to Philadelphia in 2017, she was cast on improv and sketch teams, directed a house team and has produced shows. In 2018, she created “No Diggity,” an improv show inspired by old school hip hop and R&B. As an instructor, Tia has taught both teens and adults at The Unscripted Project, Crossroads Comedy, Liberty Improv Theater and Philly Improv Theater. Tia works at PhillyCAM, a public access media center that gives access to people in the community who want to create their own TV and radio shows. She also advises students at the University of the Arts under the School of Film. In addition to her love of improv and teaching, Tia is a new mom to her baby boy, Rainn. She is constantly improvising with her baby and thankful he understands the concept of “yes, and” (currently through spit bubbles and laughter).

Workshop: The Mime
with Tashika Campbell 



Silent object work is essential to a mime artist and these elements are important to Improvisers as well. Object work allows the performer to add some texture to the scene. Silence is a relatively new tool, as performers are encouraged to respond as way of supporting what is introduced on the stage. But a facial expression or an exaggerated body movement can be supportive as well. This workshop will explore these tools and find ways to infuse them into scenes.

All improv levels are welcome.

About Tashika

Tashika is veteran Improviser from Baltimore, Maryland. Her Improv career started at the Baltimore Improv Group in 2017, where she was a member of the conservatory teams. Tashika is a sought-after facilitator, having worked with Bird City Improv, Improv MKE, Queen City Improv and HIghwire Improv. She has performed in festivals across the north-east region and globally. She recently served as the festival coordinator of the "From Another Mother Festival" (F.A.M Fest) and is a co-founder of the award-winning troupe, Cake Walk.

Workshop: Playing with Power:
with Tavish Forsyth



This workshop takes a critical look at the concept of power. What is power? Where does it live? How does power affect our improv scenes? How can power be shifted? What does it take to create social justice improv and satirize the system? In this workshop participants will learn frameworks and play games that help to answer these questions, nourish curiosity, and ask some more. Note: This workshop includes difficult conversations around oppression, trauma, liberation, and healing. It is a community expectation that people prioritize respect, honor boundaries, and practice anti-oppression.

This class exercises intermediate & advanced skill sets. 

About Tavish

Tavish Forsyth (he/they) is a queer improvisor and educator with Celtic roots. He was born on Penacook Land in Lowell, Massachusetts under a Virgo sun and moon with Pisces rising. Since 2011 he has lived in Baltimore, which is the ancestral land of the Piscataway people, where he became the founder of Bird City Improv, a teaching artist with the Maryland Center for Creative Classrooms, and a faculty member at Johns Hopkins University. Tavish is an experienced artist with two degrees in theatre. He is versed in multiple styles of improvisation, embodied practice, and comedic theory. Centering healing, queerness, and connection in his work, Tavish empowers individuals to listen, adapt, and respond. His hope is to co-create theatre that is joyful, patient, and honest.

Workshop: Character Creation
with Gabe Valdez



Character creation can come about in many different ways, this character workshop will help you find the tools needed to create characters in different ways. Rather than a character walk and talk, this workshop will provide you with unique ways to create characters that are new and different. This workshop is ideal for all types of learners whether you are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. This workshop will leave you with your very own way to create a character that is comfortable to you.

All improv levels are welcome.

About Gabe

Gabriel Valdez is an LGBTQ+, Hispanic, actor, improviser, and writer. He is an Upright Citizens Brigade alumnus and has trained with The Groundlings ( Los Angeles) and Bird City Improv (Baltimore). He is currently an instructor at The Ledge Theater in Los Angeles. Gabe currently performs with the teams TVunscripted and Downtown Menagerie throughout the LA area. He is also a playwright with work featured at the Denver Fringe Festival and has over 50,000 views on his sketch comedy work. Gabe has performed and taught internationally at the Improv Fest Ireland, Auckland Improv Marathon (New Zealand), and regionally at Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Westside Comedy (Santa Monica), among others within the Performing Arts

In addition, Gabe is a professionally trained environmental analyst and geologist, He would love to talk with you about rocks and protecting the environment.

Workshop: Be playful! Chasing the Game
with Ryder Tam



What’s funny to you in an improv scene? This workshop focuses on playing game-of-scene improv. This fun play style will allow you to make use of the hidden math behind comedy to become a comedic genius! Impress your friends. Awe your enemies. We’ll cover topics including:

  • Creating a grounded, engaging base reality.
  • Identifying the fun, unusual bits in scenes that make them pop.
  • Justifying unusual character behavior.
  • Patternizing and heightening game in improv scenes.

Looking for a synopsis? This workshop is all about chasing the funny!

All improv levels are welcome.

About Ryder

Ryder Tam is a Chinese-American improviser, actor, comedian and occasional aerospace engineer from Honolulu, Hawaii. He is a former improv instructor for Rise Comedy Denver, currently teaches for Ledge Theater in Los Angeles, and has taught workshops for Cornerstone Improv (San Diego), Bird City Improv (Baltimore), Neighborhood Comedy Theater (Phoenix), The Idiot Box (Greensboro, NC), and 3E's Comedy Club (Colorado Springs). Ryder trained at Upright Citizens Brigade, iO Chicago, Second City, Pack Theater, and Groundlings, where he is also a Saturday Night Live scholarship award winner. He performed as a headliner at the Detroit Improv Festival and Trill Comedy Festival (Houston), and has taught and performed for numerous other comedy festivals. International appearances include Ireland Improv Festival and Improfest Sweden.

Currently, Ryder performs with the Pack Theater house teams Wiggle Room (Sketch Comedy), Mind Reader (Improv), and with genre improv teams TVunscripted (Film Noir and D&D), Downtown Menagerie (Tennessee Williams), Kind Strangers (Tennessee Williams), A Very Special Episode (Sitcom), and Science Night Live (Producer; variety show). Fun fact: there is a polaroid picture of him in space! www.RyderTam.com

Camp is one of the best improv experiences that I could have had. To be in a place where everyone loves improv as much as you do is such a rush. The teachers are supportive and are invested in your learning. The view is awe striking and I always wanted seconds at meal times. You truly do make amazing friends and memories there.

Christina L - Los Angeles, CA