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MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND May 25th-28th, 2018 - Registration is Open!



Cambria, CA at Camp Ocean Pines

Our annual camp is a three-night retreat for adults 18 and over and happens every Memorial Day Weekend in May. It takes place at Camp Ocean Pines, nestled on the Central California Coast in Cambria, near San Luis Obispo. Improvisers from all over the country come together and learn improv from nationally renowned teachers. This three-night camping experience includes improv workshops, camp activities like archery and axe throwing, cabin camping with private showers and bathrooms, all your meals and much more. Camp is a relaxed environment to learn while experiencing camaraderie, community and nature.


Currently on a waitlist but sign up!

Prices Include: Camp is all inclusive, Co-ed cabin-camping (Single-sex cabins upon request), 8 meals, workshops and all camp activities are included in your tuition.

  • $470 Early Registration price until November 1, 2017
  • $485 Payment Plan Available - 2 Pay Plan



Tuition is All-Inclusive! You get:

  • Workshops: Over 10 hours of workshops from master improv teachers! Performances: Improv jams and shows with your cabinmates!
  • Camp Activities: Archery, axe throwing, hiking, campfires and so much more!
  • Lodging: Shared cabins with private bathrooms, showers and electricity.
  • Food: All meals are included and prepared by professional kitchen staff. Special dietary and allergy-friendly meals are available, too!
  • Improv Summit: An opportunity to ask our expert panel any questions regarding improv, business, legal, marketing and more!
  • Community: Meet improvisors from all over the world... community, camaraderie in nature!


Play. Hard.
with Stacey Hallal



When we are scared, something in our brains tells us to shut down, pull in and play it safe. On stage, these survival instincts are the opposite of what will save us, yet we see scene after scene of improvisers standing around and talking about nothing. In this workshop, you will learn how to open up, project out and attack each scene with energy, emotion and joy.

About Stacey

Stacey has been devoted to comedy in Portland and Chicago for over 18 years and has appeared and taught at more than 50 festivals across the United States and Canada. She is the founder and Managing/Artistic director of the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, Oregon as well as the founder and Artistic Director of the All Jane Comedy Festival. While in Chicago, Stacey completed the iO, Annoyance, and Second City training centers. She went on to complete the prestigious Directing Program at Second City where she also taught improv and comedy writing. Stacey Assistant Directed the smash hit Second City show, Between Barack and A Hard Place. Stacey also uses improv to help blue chip corporations better understand and communicate their brand stories with Character, LLC, a Portland-based company she helped start up in 2001. Over the past 16 years, Stacey has worked with 175 brands including Fossil, Old Spice, Cheerios, Shure, Adobe, and many, many more.

Less is More
with Molly Erdman



Making the most of your words so you don't need to use so many of them. Do you find yourself talking and talking in a scene until your partner cuts you off? Does silence in a scene scare you? In this workshop we look at quality vs. quantity when it comes to the words you use when you improvise.

About Molly

Molly Erdman is an actor, improviser, teacher, and writer based in Los Angeles. She began her career in Chicago, where she studied and performed at iO, the Annoyance, and the Second City. She is an alum of the Second City Chicago, where she created and performed in three Mainstage revues. For five years Molly appeared in a commercial campaign for Sonic Drive-In and has since appeared in numerous national spots as well as television (Bizaardvark, Arrested Development , According to Jim, In the Flow with Affion Crockett, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Millers) and film (The Goods, All Stars). She is the author of the blog Catalog Living and the book Catalog Living at its Most Absurd, and is one-third of The BreakWomb, a mom-based sketch web series that is currently collaborating with TV Land to create branded content.

Molly has taught improv and sketch comedy at iO, The Second City, and YADA, and she has facilitated corporate improv workshops for numerous businesses and MBA programs. She can be seen performing weekly at iO West with the mainstage Harold team HeyDay.


Improv Character Workshop!
with Brian Palermo

current headshot


Creating characters that are grounded while still being comedically exaggerated is a tough challenge.  Much more than just using an accent or catch phrase, characters that stand out are all based from a very clear point of view.

Brian’s been a staple at The Groundlings for decades and is keen to share some Character building exercises with you. This workshop will run you through some of the same drills and scenes that helped such alumni as Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph create memorable personas. We’ll touch on several ways to find characters, how to create believable physical mannerisms and vocal choices and push everything through a clear point of view.

Come play with me!

About Brian

Brian Palermo is from New Orleans and has lived in L.A. for a long, whimsical time. LOVES improv. Performs every single Wednesday night at The Groundlings theatre in "The Crazy Uncle Joe Show.”  Brian was in the Main Company and has been playing and teaching there for almost 20 years. Brian has turned his love of improv into an acting career and is forever grateful for it. Groundlings connections have contributed to Brian a) carving a career out of the crazy showbiz mountain, b) performing with such comedy icons as Will Ferrell, Eddie Izzard and Harland Williams among many others and c)  writing cartoons for Warner Brothers and Disney.


The Three Es: Environment, Environment, Environment
with Landon Kirksey

landon kirksey


Sometimes our scenes end up being two bodies floating awkwardly in space. In this workshop we’ll focus on where you are and how your environment can influence your point of view, encourage discovery, and focus your brain. A scene between a parent and a rebellious teen can be different on a submarine than in doctor’s office and we’ll work to find what role the environment can play. We’ll also focus on building out these worlds through object work to really make them real so we’ll never have talking heads scenes again!

About Landon

Landon Kirksey is an actor, writer and comedian based in Los Angeles. A graduate of The Second City Conservatory in Chicago, Landon started his career there and has since performed all over Chicago, New York, his native Texas, and Los Angeles. He is a cast member of Mission Improvable, the best darn short form show you're likely to see and he also is currently featured in the musical, Trump in Space, which he co-wrote, at Second City Hollywood.
Landon is a proud core faculty member at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, and was formerly the director of education at Four Day Weekend, a long running improv-based theater in Fort Worth. He is passionate about improv education and the impact improvisation can have on life off the stage as well. As a fairly prolific voice actor, he has also voiced several commercials that you've surely DVR'd through.

Organic Improv: Living the Truth of the Scene 
with Jay Sukow



Play honest and real and focus on your scene partner. Some of the best moments can be found in simple truths and honest human relationships. Learn to build a scene from the natural impulses that arise as you step on to the stage and follow the organic flow of interaction between your scene partner and yourself. The funny will arise on its own. If it’s supposed to. Keep it simple. Take the pressure off yourself to be so hilarious with every single thing you say. Make true discoveries of what’s already there, not inventions of something that’s not.

About Jay

Jay will gladly talk endlessly about how much better the world would be if everyone took just one improv class. He has taught and performed improv professionally for over 24 years and is the founder of Today Improv, where he teaches improv to actors, business, and everybody else, all over the world.

He is currently on faculty at M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater and The Second City Hollywood. Jay was a faculty member of The Second City Chicago, iO Chicago (where he was also head of their artistic committee) and ComedySportz Chicago, and has taught and performed throughout the world, including the BIG IF4, Copenhagen International Impro Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the New Orleans Comedy Festival, Club Med and the Del Close Marathon.

He has been on several podcasts including “Tales from the Teacher’s Lounge”, “Improv Yak”, “Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carrane” “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky” and was featured in the improv documentary “Whether the Weather.”

He is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory, Second City NW Conservatory, and the training centers of iO Chicago and ComedySportz Chicago. He has trained with Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Jon Favreau, Del Close, Charna Halpern, Keith Johnstone, Mick Napier, Jeff Michalski, Marc Warzecha and many more. Jay currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, two kids and dog.

You can see student and professional endorsements at todayimprov.com and check out his Yelp! page at https://www.yelp.com/biz/today-improv-with-jay-sukow-los-angeles.

Camp is one of the best improv experiences that I could have had. To be in a place where everyone loves improv as much as you do is such a rush. The teachers are supportive and are invested in your learning. The view is awe striking and I always wanted seconds at meal times. You truly do make amazing friends and memories there.

Christina L - Los Angeles, CA