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September 27th - September 30, 2019 (Fri-Mon)



Calvin Crest - Oakhurst, CA

Yosemite is a 4 day, 3 night retreat for adults 21 and over will happen the weekend of September 29th - October 2nd. It takes place at Camp Calvin Crest, near Yosemite National Park, this camp is tucked away near the Sierra Nevada’s and near the original national park where you’ll see America’s most beautiful landmarks like El Capitan, Half Dome and The Yosemite Valley. In addition to our East and West Camp, Yosemite brings you an all new curriculum. You will learn a form and be trained by one teacher the entire weekend! This three-night camping experience includes improv workshops from top instructors, camp activities like archery, pool swimming, a trip to half-dome and more! Your accommodations are great too with cabin camping with showers and bathrooms, all your meals and much more. Camp is a relaxed environment to learn while experiencing camaraderie, community and nature.


Prices Include: Camp is all inclusive, Co-ed cabin-camping (Single-sex cabins upon request), 8 meals, workshops and all camp activities are included in your tuition.

  • $515 Early Registration price until February 28
  • $525 Payment Plan Available - 2 Pay Plan
    • (Single Occupancy - $225)
    • (Double Occupancy - $175)
      • Add this feature and get your own hotel style room, linens and amenities, private bathroom/Shower. 
  • Yosemite Trip included in camp tuition.
  • If you choose to stay back from Yosemite we will have workshops, camp activities and more for you to do!


Tuition is All-Inclusive! You get:

  • Workshops: 11 hours of workshops from master improv teachers! Performances: Improv jams and shows with your cabinmates!
  • Camp Activities: Yosemite trip, swimming pool, archery and so much more!
  • Lodging: Shared cabins with private bathrooms, showers and electricity.
  • Food: All meals are included and prepared by professional kitchen staff. Special dietary and allergy-friendly meals are available, too!
  • Surprise Workshops!
  • Community: Meet improvisors from all over the world... community and camaraderie in nature!
  • **Additional charge for Yosemite Trip.


with Craig Cackowski



Challenging but rewarding, complex yet freeing, JTS Brown is renowned as one of the most unique improv forms ever created. Originated in the late ‘90s in Chicago by a 14-person ensemble formed by Jason Sudeikis and Ike Barinholtz, JTS Brown demands complete concentration and absolute support from its players. Following dream logic and utilizing physical transformations, a large ensemble creates an interesting packaging for strong scene work. Come learn from original JTS Brown director Craig Cackowski and put your own spin on this classic form!

About Craig

Craig Cackowski is an improvisor and teacher based in Los Angeles. He has been involved with the iO and iO West theaters since 1992, and is the three-time winner of the Del Close Award as Teacher of the Year at iO West. He has played numerous festivals, including the Chicago Improv Festival and the Del Close Marathon, with his long-running three-man troupe Dasariski (with Bob Dassie and Rich Talarico). Around LA, he may be seen in such other shows as Quartet, The Armando Show and The Better Half (with Raising Hope’s Lucas Neff).

with Karen Graci



The Vertical Harold is an inventive and challenging take on the Harold, developed by iO West's house Harold team, Heyday, and coach Karen Graci. All elements of the Vertical Harold -- the opening, scenes, games and edits -- are unique and specific to the form, and require a love of discovery and play. The Vertical Harold is best suited for players who are familiar with the traditional Harold and are interested in a fresh version of it to 'break their brains' a bit (in the best way) and to appreciate again the malleable nature of the Harold itself.

About Karen

Karen Graci is a proud native of Buffalo, NY, Karen performed for Chicago’s The Second City for more than three years. While touring the US and abroad with The Second City National Touring Company, Karen was grateful to perform in The Second City’s first-ever USO Tour, entertaining American troops in Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. She was also a resident cast member in The Best of Second City at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas for over a year.

with Brian O’Connell

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The Family, and under the direction of Del Close himself. The Deconstruction is the single most important long form ever created as it contains every single possible permutation of scene approach and thematic development.  An understanding of The Deconstruction is essential for the artistic, intellectual and technical development of an improviser. Quite simply, an improviser’s understanding of the “work” will never be the same after being exposed to “Decon”; whether you perform short form, improvised Shakespeare or are merely a writer looking to improve your understanding of character and structure, learning these skills will radically improve your understanding of improvisation and raise your level of play.

If the Harold is algebra, The Deconstruction is calculus.   Once you learn calculus, everything else seems like simple math.

About Brian

Brian James O’Connell is a working actor, writer, director in Los Angeles and a graduate of the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts (David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Jody Hill, Dane DeHaan and Jeff Nichols).  A regular performer and teacher at the iOWest Theater in Los Angeles, Brian also currently teaches as part of the Core Faculty at The Miles Stroth Workshop.

His comedy troupe, Dr. God recently completed their first feature film project BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS (starring Fran Kranz, Pedro Pascal). which O’Connell directed (his third feature as a director) as well as co-writing the script. You can now find it on demand and online.

Musical AllForm
with Mike Descoteaux



Do you love musical longform? Do you love musical shortform? Have you been searching for the Unified Theory of Improv--a way to use all the improv skills, approaches, and structures you’ve picked up over the years? Welcome to AllForm, ImprovBoston’s signature philosophy. Every tool you’ve ever used is on the table when we dive into AllForm; we take this amazing freedom and kick it up a notch by adding a serious dose of music to the mix. Follow the Fun to discover how every moment, lyric, beat, melody, lay-on and movement in a show can be instantaneously deconstructed, producing boundless connections. We’ll fly the plane as we build it in mid air.

About Mike

Mike Descoteaux is the Artistic Director of ImprovBoston. Mike served as head and creator of the Music Program at The Second City Training Center and music director of the Second City Etc stage in Chicago. Named one of the top young songwriters in the country by the Johnny Mercer/AMTP association, he has had the privilege of working with Tony Award-winning artists such as Jason Robert Brown, William Finn, Mark Hollmann and James LaPine. His work has been seen on NBC, A&E, WGN and stages across the country. He has “composed” and “conducted” over 1,000 completely improvised musicals with Baby Wants Candy, Musical! the musical, I Eat Pandas, BLANK! The Musical Off-Broadway and many others. In addition to teaching at institutions like the Second City, ImprovBoston, Northwestern University, and Columbia College, Mike has lead workshops in music improv around the world.

Genre Form
with Nick Armstrong



Only 10 lucky campers will be able to take this Genre Intensive with Nick. Study and learn Nick's philosophy on Genreprov. Learn form, and how to play genre. You will all work together picking which genre you want to do from options Nick will give you, making and improv genre bible on that genre and then learning how to play the form all leading up to a show at the end of the weekend. Nick's philosophy follows character play in genre more then the narrative itself. So you get to kill two birds with one stone..Character and genre!

About Nick

Nick is an Actor, Improvisor and Writer living in Los Angeles, CA. On TV Nick has been on the Emmy-Award winning shows The Office and Grey's Anatomy. He has also made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, New Girl, Hot in Cleveland, Stan Against Evil and Parks and Recreation.

Nick has trained at The Groundlings and iO West. He is an alum of The Sunday Company at the Groundlings and currently performs at the world-famous iO West on LA's Critically Acclaimed Harold Team King Ten. Nick is currently the Artistic Director of Mi's Westside Comedy Theater and teaches and performs there. He has also taught improv at iO West, The Groundlings, NOW Improv and has done workshops all over the world.

Nick is also the Camp Director and Founder of Camp Improv Utopia a 501(c) (3) Non Profit improv retreat for grown ups. He is also one of the founding members of the The Improv Network.

Reinventing ShortForm
with Deanna Criess



Every decent improviser knows shortform, right? Not so fast. If you think shortform is easy, hack, or gimmicky, you're not doing it right. Discover the art of shortform with Deana Criess, the director of ImprovBoston's National Touring Company. Learn how to connect with an audience, attack the stage, and find the game within the game. Geek out on structures, comedic angles and ever-elusive hosting techniques. Gain valuable scenic, collaborative, character, audience interaction and fast-play skills that you can apply to most any other style of improv. One thing's for sure: after this workshop, you will never look at shortform the same way.

About Deanna

Deana Criess is the Director of ImprovBoston’s National Touring Company, performing and teaching at festivals, theaters, Fortune 500 companies and colleges around the country. Deana’s industry leading workshops have been featured on PBS, NPR, KBS (the Korean Broadcasting System) and in The Boston Globe . Her comedy has been featured on CNN and Slate.com . A veteran of ImprovBoston’s Mainstage cast and Family Show cast she has over 10 years of professional experience with audiences of all ages performing and teaching longform and shortform improvisation as well as sketch writing and stand up comedy. During her years in comedy she has worked with some amazing artists including Dan Castellaneta ( The Simpsons) , Laura Hall ( Whose Line Is It Anyway) , Kevin McDonald ( The Kids In The Hall) , Eric Drysdale ( The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ), Jen Kirkman ( Drunk History ), Janeane Garofalo ( Wet Hot American Summer) , Dave Razowsky (The Second City), Faith Soloway (The Annoyance, Transparent) and many more. Deana is also the Director of Sales and lead corporate facilitator for ImprovBoston. She is also the former Director of ImprovBoston’s Comedy School where we oversaw curriculum development and teacher training.

Camp is one of the best improv experiences that I could have had. To be in a place where everyone loves improv as much as you do is such a rush. The teachers are supportive and are invested in your learning. The view is awe striking and I always wanted seconds at meal times. You truly do make amazing friends and memories there.

Christina L - Los Angeles, CA