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The Carrie Benton Scholarship

The Carrie Benton Scholarship is named after camper Carrie Benton from the Phoenix Improv Scene. Carrie was an amazing spirit and frequented our camps. She was a sweet, kind and passionate soul who was a natural at improv. Carrie loved writing and reading and we would love to honor that with having you write an essay that answers the question “How has improv made your life better?”

The Improv Utopia Board and Carrie’s daughter and fellow camper Shae Benton will choose a camper for each one of our US camps, East, West and Yosemite. The chosen recipient will get their full tuition paid for. You will be selected based on your essay. Submissions are now open. You can leave your essay in the message section below or e-mail a PDF or a Word Document to nick@Improvutopia.com.

Requirements to Apply:

Must be 18 or over for our East and West Camps

Must be 21 or over for our Yosemite Camp

To apply you must be a POC, LGBTQ, Improviser over 50, have a disability or have financial hardships.

Please write an essay about how improv has changed your life.

*There is no length requirement.

***Travel arraignments ARE the responsibility of the camper/recipient of this scholarship. Camp Improv Utopia is NOT responsible for travel to and from camp. The Scholarship only covers the full tuition of camp which includes, workshops, meals, camp activities and lodging.

The Carrie Benton Scholarship