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ON DEMAND: Virtual Capabilities Panel

In Improv, the assumption is that all team members are the same high energy level, the same age range (20-30s), the same physical capabilities and are neuro typical. 

But, that is not the case. So, how can we support our teammates of differing abilities?

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F.A.M. Fest

From Another Mother Improv Festival Friday, June 17th & Saturday June 18th @The BIG Theater in Baltimore, Maryland Mission Statement The F.A.M. Fest (From Another Mother Festival) is an improv showcase designed to explicitly center and uplift Black improvisers and comedians by creatively showcasing the expansive Black experience and exposing the art of improv to…

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Diversity and Inclusion

Hello Campers Past, Present, and Future! It has been a couple of months since my position as Diversity and Inclusion Manager of Improv Camp Utopia was announced. In those short couple of months so much has happened! The Holidays came and went, it snowed in Chicago, it was freezing in Chicago, and then the temperature…

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