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A Year of Reflection

Hey campers! 2018 has been a supremely challenging year for camp and me personally. We opened our first international camp north of Dublin, Ireland in the beginning of May. Opening a new camp is always a very difficult and long process and takes a lot out of our staff, Ireland took more then two years…

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Just What I Needed – By Alex Lee

Photo by Ryan Smith Camp Improv Utopia East was such an amazing experience last year that I couldn’t wait to come back. I met some wonderful people, took workshops with great teachers, and kayaked around Trout Lake. One year later, I was dreading my return. I was about to be surrounded by much more experienced…

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The Camp Experience – By Lauren Morris (Florida)

Camp! A magical place where anything happens. The mere mention of Improv Utopia and I get excited. My journey in improv has been a winding and long road and landed me at the inaugural year of Improv Utopia’s East camp. Off to camp I went. Excited, scared, and in shock that I agreed to “camp”.…

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My Moment at Camp East – by Kristen Schier (Philly)

I remember laying on the floating dock out in the middle of a beautiful lake that was on the camp grounds. The weather was PERFECT. We had some down time between classes. I could hear the voices of people enjoying the lake all around me as I closed my eyes. I was listening to a…

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