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Diversity and Inclusion

Hello Campers Past, Present, and Future! It has been a couple of months since my position as Diversity and Inclusion Manager of Improv Camp Utopia was announced. In those short couple of months so much has happened! The Holidays came and went, it snowed in Chicago, it was freezing in Chicago, and then the temperature…

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First Time Improvisor! By Christen Cook Seattle, WA

In an effort to become a more interesting person, I started trying to say yes to all the wonderful opportunities life presents me. So when my old friend Stuart suggested meeting up in Yosemite I said, “Ok, sure!” and he proclaimed, ”YES! AND…by the way, you’ll be doing improv camp with me!” Wait, what?! I…

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Camp Nights! What are these? How do I get involved?

Camp Nights have been happening for a while. They started in LA a few years ago and have expanded to San Francisco, Denver, Detroit and Pittsburgh with more in the works. These nights are meant to be indie improv nights to allow campers and any improvisor to hone their skills and have a community night…

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Support Camp Yes And!

Camp Improv Utopia is proud to announce our official partnership to Camp Yes And, an improv day camp designed to support verbal teens (Ages 13-18) on the autism spectrum. We are very excited to work with Camp Yes And to help them grow and provide even more free classes to teens on the autism spectrum. A…

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Coming Out of The Closet at Camp Improv Utopia

When I was eighteen years old I joined NCT Phoenix, a comedy theater in the Mesa, Arizona. I was eighteen, I had just started college, and I was so deep in the closet I was hearing whispers of the R. Kelly Saga “Trapped in the Closet” on a loop. I was so afraid to accept…

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Improv Utopia Gives Back!

As we grow, adding Camp Improv Utopia Yosemite to our family in 2016, it means our help to the improv community grows as well. In 2015, we were able to give back more to improv then ever before. Helping improv theater, festivals, and improvisors access to things like education, building materials, support and more! These…

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