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A Common Language

Okay, the dust has settled a bit. No rest, heading to West Camp next week. But very excited. Our newest camp in Ireland bumps right next to our original camp. I can’t help to feel a tad nostalgic. When I started Improv Utopia 8 years ago I would have never thought it would be in…

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My Family Reunion – By TJ Penrod (Utah)

Camp Improv Utopia is one of the best experiences I can think of. It has helped me grow as an improviser, theater owner and most of all, as cheesy as it sounds, as a person. Camp is rejuvenating, empowering, and almost magical. I’ve met some of my dearest friends at camp and improved existing friendships…

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The Camp Experience – By Lauren Morris (Florida)

Camp! A magical place where anything happens. The mere mention of Improv Utopia and I get excited. My journey in improv has been a winding and long road and landed me at the inaugural year of Improv Utopia’s East camp. Off to camp I went. Excited, scared, and in shock that I agreed to “camp”.…

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The Best Group Hug – By Sean Geary (SF)

From the moment I first walked into Camp Improv Utopia, I felt like I was at home. I felt like everyone there already knew me, and they were happy to see me. I was greeted with a big hug from Nick Armstrong and several others who I would come to consider to be very good…

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Took the Leap to Camp – By Josh Nicols (OC)

  It can be hard to tell because I mask it well, but I am overwrought with social anxieties. The thought of meeting a hundred strangers, mingling with luminaries in the world of improv in a strange environment, secluded from everything I find comforting was overwhelming. I only knew the guy I came with. I’m…

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