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A Year of Reflection

Hey campers! 2018 has been a supremely challenging year for camp and me personally. We opened our first international camp north of Dublin, Ireland in the beginning of May. Opening a new camp is always a very difficult and long process and takes a lot out of our staff, Ireland took more then two years…

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My Cup Runneth Over!

Another West Camp breezed by like a flash from Mike McFarland’s camera. It seems it gets faster every year. I sometimes wish time could slow down every camp weekend. This year marked the 7th CIU West and boy it was amazing and refreshing. I’ve been out of sorts as of late and haven’t felt like…

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Camp Fire Tales – By Neil Curran (Ireland)

Community, camaraderie, and nature. That’s Improv Utopia’s motto and as hippie as it may sound, it really does capture the spirit of the Improv Utopia experience. You may recall I briefly wrote about being at the first Improv Utopia East in Pennsylvania last year here. Last month, I had the privilege of attending the fifth Improv…

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Took the Leap to Camp – By Josh Nicols (OC)

  It can be hard to tell because I mask it well, but I am overwrought with social anxieties. The thought of meeting a hundred strangers, mingling with luminaries in the world of improv in a strange environment, secluded from everything I find comforting was overwhelming. I only knew the guy I came with. I’m…

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